The Who's Who of Short-Term Listing Sites - The complete Channel Guide 2023

Why do you need to use specialist channels in your distribution strategy in 2023?

  • Expand distribution and increase bookings 
  • Reach new customers and markets 
  • Diversify marketing mix
  • Minimise the algorithm changes risks 
  • increase revenue 
  • Distribute vacation rentals online more efficiently

Why should you download this Channel Guide?

When you download our channel ebook, you’ll get clear recommendations on channels depending on: 

  1. Your Region
  2. Type of inventory
  3. Customer Niches
    1.  Premium & Luxury
    2. Outdoor travel
    3. Wellness/Health
    4. ... and more.

You will also get in-depth information about all the key vacation rental channels, including:

  1. Average daily rate - Find out the average daily rate for bookings on each site. This will help you understand which sites are the most profitable.
  2. Average length of stay — Knowing the average length of stay will show which sites are more suited for short stays and which ones cater to mid-term stays.
  3. Top-performing country/region — Look at the top-performing regions to find out which sites are best for your property location.
  4. Customer origin — This tells you where most travelers come from.
  5. Merchant of record — Find out which sites allow you to be the merchant of record for bookings. 
  6. Inventory type — Some sites accept all types of inventory, while others only list certain types of properties.

Word from the CEO


James Burrows,   CEO at Rentals United

"With this eBook, we want to help Property Managers understand
the potential of using specialist channels, and how they can make
the most of them. We want to equip them with the knowledge,
confidence, and skills they need to thrive in this new era."