The Next Business Model 

How to secure your short-term rental business with mid- and long-term bookings. 

A guide for property managers, discover:
  • Why the flexible rental model is the future of property management.
  • The benefits and challenges of operating mid-term rentals and what property managers need to consider.
  • What property managers need to consider when shifting to long-term rental management, and what services they need to provide their owners.
  • How to market short-term, mid-term and long-term rentals.

What makes this whitepaper unique?

The crisis has left short-term rental property managers questioning the resilience of their business models. We've created a guide that will help you diversify and crisis-proof your business. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll take you through how to market your short-term properties as mid/long-term rentals, how to adjust your pricing, technology solutions for all three models and which bookings sites to get listed on to maximise short, mid and long-term occupancy. Take action today and be ready for tomorrow.


Compare the three models in terms of costs, margins, regulations and taxes.


Discover technology solutions that exist for short, mid and long-term models.


A comparison of distribution channels based on the lengths-of-stay they accept. 

About the author


Vanessa de Souza Lage,   CMO of Rentals United

Vanessa is the Co-founder and CMO of Rentals United, the market-leading enterprise channel management solution in the short-term rental industry. Providing efficient and reliable tools, data and expertise, short-term rental managers can optimize their business model and power growth. Through the Rentals United network, consisting of all the big OTAs as well as top-performing niche sites, higher quality connections will produce better conversions and automation - thus driving new business opportunities and allowing time to focus on what matters. Rentals United is The Channel Manager, charging growth.