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About The Connection

HomeAway has created a platform to integrate with PMS and Channel Managers leveraging a set of rich –HA-XML standard formats. Rentals United is fully integrated with this platform and provides an easy process to get your PMS solution connected and hence allowing your customers' properties to be represented on the HomeAway family of sites.

The integration process is free. We make revenue by charging your customers a monthly fee and you get 20% revenue from that. We also actively promote your PMS company to our network, giving you extra reach.

The Process:

  1. Code your endpoints according to HA-XML standards and prepare the URLs of your Property Managers (listings, rates, availability, booking quote request)
  2. Register on Rentals United and send your endpoints
  3.  Rentals United does a debug run, you review, we do a test booking
  4.  Done!

About Rentals United

Rentals United is a channel manager for vacation rentals. The cloud-based software distributes availability, pricing, property information and photos in real-time. We give your clients more visibility, more bookings and less admin. We offer reviews and inquiries integration too.

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Fill the form and we will contact you within 24 hours. With fully functional and tested endpoints, you could be up and running within a day. 

What PMS Companies say about Rentals United

 It was vital we partnered with a specialist company that could help generate more business for our clients
After researching extensively, we chose Rentals United as the clear leader in Channel Manager solutions.
It’s simple and transparent: You manage your business with Klik and your distribution with Rentals United.
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