Optimise your marketing mix with top performing niche sites

Why do you need to incorporate niche sites into your distribution strategy today?

  • Expand distribution and increase bookings
  • Reach new customers and markets
  • Diversify marketing mix
  • Minimise the algorithm changes risks
  • Increase revenue
  • Distribute vacation rentals online more efficiently

What makes this ebook unique?

It includes the sites that target a very specific traveller segment and fit into the following three categories:

About the author


James Burrows,   CEO at rentals united

Our clients are large and small property managers that are looking to streamline their distribution: we offer a software that automatically update their calendars, pricing and content on the large OTAs and on high-performing niche sites. However, when it comes to advertising on niche sites, we discovered that not many property managers are including them in their marketing strategies. As of 2020, it is essential for property managers to incorporate niche sites as diversifying the marketing mix will allow businesses to tap into new clients and markets, and will minimise the risks of algorithm changes, or worse OTA bankruptcy.