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Refer Rentals United > Receive 10% or 15% of the Subscription Value!

Receive 10% of the value for each 12 Month Subscription

- or -

Receive 15% of the value for each 3 or 6 Month Subscription


Earn at least €53,55 and it could go up to 4 figures!

What’s more!

Your Referees get 10% off their Rentals United Subscription!


  • Send us below your referees and we’ll contact them at once.
  • For every successful 3,6 and 12 months subscription you get rewarded.
  • Your payout is available after 30 days. Just send us an invoice!




Say goodbye to updating your adverts manually. All your advertising channels are synched automatically with the details found in your PMS.



Rentals United focuses on adding new channels on a regular basis so you get more bookings from both large and niche marketplaces.



Mark your rates up or down depending on the Channels commissions. Truly understand how they work so you can earn more.

All the features that save you time

and increase your bookings! By using Rentals United combined with your PMS account you can save up a lot of time and make more international bookings. 


Update your property data in your Property management Software to update all your ads


All your new bookings will update your PMS calendar instantly


Diversify your booking sources and target new markets


Connect with over 60 niche and global channels


Mark your rates up or down depending on channels


See analytics in your dedicated dashboard

Over 5,000 customers grow with Rentals United

Our partnership allows big and small property managers to grow their businesses. Some reported having 50+ bookings per month more since they started using Rentals United. 

Rentals United allows us to reach OTA’s and other marketing platforms that would otherwise be impossible to reach..let alone manage.

Dan Graham

Mt Baker Lodging, Inc

Rentals United has enabled us to widen our audience in the full knowledge that the information being mapped matches our own specifications. 

Marion Edwards

Affinity Holiday France

Rentals United has taken a lot of work of our shoulders. We can now easily manage several web portals and have all the calendars updated in no-time. 

Ana Leamaro

Sweet Lisbon