Download the Global Short-Term Rental Tech Report 2020

The most complete analysis of the current state of the vacation rental tech space. 

  • The tech needs of professional property managers
  • Vacation rental technology trends in 2020
  • How property managers outsource/build technology
  • Investment in the vacation rental tech space

What makes this whitepaper unique?

It is based on the responses of the largest tech survey done to-date:

About the author


James Burrows,   CEO at rentals united

Our clients are large and small property managers that are looking to streamline their distribution: we offer a software that automatically update their calendars, pricing and content on the large OTAs and on high-performing niche sites.

In addition to PMSs and Channel Managers, which property managers consider their core tech, there are myriad other software solutions out there. We hope this research will help you navigate this often confusing world of short-term rental tech in 2020.