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Optimise Your Marketing Mix With Top-Performing Channels

For most property managers, a good combination of booking channels includes their own website, the big OTAs, and a handful of niche channels that work well for their business. It allows them to:

  • Expand distribution and increase bookings
  • Reach new customers and markets
  • Diversify marketing mix
  • Minimise the impact of OTA algorithm changes
  • Increase revenue
  • Distribute vacation rentals online more efficiently

What makes this eBook unique?

It includes 50+ of the biggest and best OTAs as well as sites that target a very specific traveller segment and fit into the following four categories:

1. Online Travel Agents (OTAs): successful OTAs that offer a large pool of potential guests from around the world.

2. The top local category: hyper-local niche listing sites

3. The curated list category: sites that select, organise and present rentals according to their own criteria. 

4. The travel trend category: sites that target traveller segments by exploring the reasons why people travel, as well as the experience they are looking for.

Download the Squiggle Mag

About the Rentals United Squiggle Mag

When it comes to vacation rental distribution, your target for 2021 should be diversification. Everyone gets listed on the big global sites - of course, it’s essential to be present on the most popular OTAs, they get the most traffic – but it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

The Squiggle Mag provides an in-depth overview of 50+ listing sites – including 30+ niche channels – working in partnership with Rentals United.

We hope you will try some of the niche sites alongside the larger OTAs and if you’re looking to automate that process, we’re the leading specialised channel manager and offer completely transparent pricing.