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Is mid-term the new short-term? [Webinar + PDF]

Rentals United and Transparent discuss the opportunities of the mid-term rental market

What you'll Learn:
  • The top mid-term channels to list your properties on
  • Look at data on recent trends
  • Discuss pricing strategies
  • Content optimisation and more

What makes this webinar unique?

Current booking trends suggest property managers should be shifting towards mid-term rentals and adjusting their pricing models. In this webinar, we cover what short-term rental managers need to do to get 30+ day bookings from discussing pricing strategies to content optimisation. If you need help making the shift to mid-term rentals, download this prerecorded webinar. The discussion is filled with actionable tips and tricks that you can start implementing today.



Vanessa de Souza Lage,   CMO of Rentals United

Vanessa is the Co-founder and CMO of Rentals United, an intuitive platform that stores property information and automatically updates it across multiple listings sites. Trusted and accessed by vacation rental managers and owners everywhere. Rentals United is a compact solution for marketing, distribution and operation management. Easy-to-use, continually evolving and powerful, the Rentals United platform handles tons of data every day connected to 60+ listing sites, as well as 100+ technology providers.

Pierre Becerril

Pierre Becerril,   CEO at Transparent

Pierre Becerril is the CEO at Transparent, a specialized data intelligence company that builds and maintains data analytics products for institutions seeking a better understanding of the short term rental industry. Transparent has the largest data set for the market and is a pioneer of this type of services for the alternative accommodation market.