Webinar: Revenue Success in 2022
How to Keep Up the Momentum

In this pre-recorded webinar, revenue management experts Doug Truitt and John DeRoulet will give you their best tips on how to keep up the momentum and hit your revenue goals in the New Year. 

What will you learn in this webinar?

Since we’re big believers in making your distribution and revenue strategies work together, this webinar touches on both these aspects of revenue success. You will learn how to take advantage of the end-of-the-year downtime to prepare for the Q1 heavy booking season. 

How to improve your distribution in 2022

Optimising your listings for spring break/summer bookings

Speaking with homeowners to ensure availability for in-demand dates.

Develop a plan to leverage your top-converting channels.

How to approach revenue management in 2022

● Preparing for increased budgeted revenue goals in the New Year. 

● Using historical data from 2021 (ADR, LOS, ABV, and Nights Sold) to inform your revenue management strategy in 2022.

● Adjusting your MLOS restrictions based on booking window to stimulate occupancy


“Look at historical data from last year to see what channels drove the most bookings, ADR and occupancy for your business and develop a plan to leverage that again.”

Doug Truitt - Head of Revenue Success at Rentals United