Download The Who's Who Of Property Management Systems 2021

A guide to the PMSs connected to Rentals United 

  • Discover the features of 54 global property management systems  
  • Compare and contrast their pricing
  • Find out what type of inventory they accept and the amount of listings connected
  • Includes links and more info

What makes this eBook unique?

As new technology continues to emerge and the criteria for excellent guest experience is re-defined, deciding which property management system to adopt can be tricky – especially if you don't know where to start. As a helping hand, every year, we ask our PMS partners to provide us with detailed information about their products which we then compile all their unique functionalities into The Who's Who of Property Management Systems ebook.

About the author


James Burrows,   CEO at rentals united

Our clients are professional property managers that are looking to streamline their distribution: we offer software that automatically updates their calendars, pricing and content on the large OTAs and on high-performing niche sites.

We hope you enjoy this eBook and it provides invaluable insight into how different PMSs work worldwide.